8 Foods That Can Explode Your Cholesterol Levels

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‘Cholesterol’ is a dreaded word that everyone hears about but don’t have any idea. It is actually shunted upon as something that is unhealthy and something which ultimately kills you. A part of it is correct, but what people have no idea about is that the liver produces cholesterol. And it is distributed to the body through the bloodstream.

But why is it required, you ask?

Cholesterol is essential for building the cellular structure, and it is vital for the production of steroid hormones. Steroid hormones are essential for the process of metabolism, which is a necessity for maintaining the bodily functions. But too much of anything is never really any good, is it?

The amount of cholesterol that is required by the body is produced in the liver. But through the choices in our diets, it leads to the addition of an excess amount of cholesterol, which in turn will clog the arteries and give rise to a number of heart-related diseases. But, this can be prevented by changing the way we eat and practising moderation in the simple pleasures of life.

In this article I have compiled a list of 8 foods that will send your cholesterol levels through the roof, so you may know them and avoid them.

1. Liver

This is an absolute delicacy and a scrumptious dish. It is also a source of iron as well. But if cholesterol is produced in the liver for human beings, so does it for animals as well. It is a no-brainer that the highest concentration of cholesterol is found in the liver.

People that are suffering from high cholesterol should strike this off from the menu to avoid any kind of heart-related complications. And for people who are not suffering from high cholesterol, remember, moderation is the key.

2. SeaFood 

The connoisseurs of sea-food will hardly say no to this and if you are among the readers, your gasp of horror is loud and clear. Even though seafood is high on the list of “healthiest food choice” and if you are looking to check your cholesterol levels, you can skip the shellfish.

Sea-food is a delight for many but is one of the top offenders when it comes to containing massive amounts of cholesterol. In fact, king crab legs contain at least 71 mg of cholesterol per serving, lobster contains 61 mg of cholesterol per serving and oysters contain 58 mg of cholesterol per serving. This is a huge no-no for individuals suffering from heart-related problems.

3. Cream-Cheese

Ah! A beautiful dairy wonder! The people who are not fans of cream-cheese are not to be trusted! Morning bagels are quite incomplete without that rich dollop of cream cheese, but 1oz of cream cheese contains as much as 27 mg of cholesterol.

If the math is done properly, you can calculate the amount of cholesterol that you are consuming in your body. And I have to say, the number is frightening. It also contains unsaturated fats, and they are not the good kind of fats, as the body finds it difficult to metabolize it. Not only does it lead to cardiac problems, but strokes and diabetes as well. So maybe, you want to think of an alternative for breakfast!

4. Junk Food

This entry is one of the most indiscreet candidates. Everybody knows that it is unhealthy, but we can’t really help resisting a quick bite in the office, do we? Junk-food is necessary when we are on the go, but if it becomes a habit, it poses huge health-risks to one, which could also lead to unfortunate death.

A single serving of a hamburger contains as much as 60-150 mg of cholesterol (It depends on the type of burger you are getting for yourself). Now add fries and a coke to that happy meal. The cholesterol levels would be indeed staggering!

5. Egg Yolk

An egg yolk has a surprisingly high amount of cholesterol. Each serving of an egg yolk contains about 180 mg of cholesterol. Although it is necessary for providing protein to the body especially for those people who are building bodies or avoiding meat, this would serve to be an obstacle. Nevertheless, the serving of eggs should be limited to about 1-2 eggs per day.

6. Butter

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Adding a dash of butter to our favorite dishes is a habit. We do it without giving a second thought, because who can resist it.

Each teaspoon of butter contains as much a 30 mg of cholesterol. And we are all guilty of adding more than a teaspoon of butter in our diets. It is practically in everything we eat. It is recommended that our body requires about 100-300 mg of cholesterol only but the body already produces its own cholesterol. So let’s skip the butter where it is not necessary, yes?

7. Duck

Duck might not be included in your usual menu, but it is thoroughly enjoyed as a delicacy in any restaurant that serves duck as a relish. The meat is a source of iron, protein and vitamin B. But it also does have an insane amount of cholesterol and unsaturated fats. People that have high cholesterol should choose a more healthy alternative meat source like chicken.

8. Fried Chicken

The sight of the golden beauty and the taste of the crispy, tender, delicacy is an unforgettable experience. And that is an experience you will keep going back to. While fried chicken is one of the yummiest and a no-fuzz food, you might want to opt for some healthy chicken alternatives; alternatives which involves less oil, as oil contains a large amount of cholesterol.


Besides needing food to live, it is always a topic of discussion, and it connects people together. The prospect of a new day is decided over a great breakfast, new friends and relationships have been made over, and great conversations have been held over the dinner table. But little do we know that if the proper and meticulous thought has not been given over the choice of our food habits, we could wave goodbye to all those wonderful times.

Life will be boring if we don’t allow ourselves to indulge our taste buds in a few ‘unhealthy’ treats every now and then. That being said, we owe it to our body to maintain a healthy diet or take a supplement like Ultra Omega Burn to keep our cholesterol levels in check.

Checking our diets and limiting our habits of accessing food that is high in cholesterol can ensure us a hospital debt-free and a clean life; a life that you will be thankful for.

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