Alternatives to Running for Losing Weight

alternatives to running

Are you eyeing to lose weight faster and looking for alternatives to running? That’s a great idea because there are now a lot of options for losing weight.

While running is a classic workout for losing weight, there are other options you can try. Running is not for everybody, especially for those who do not have time to run several laps or if you have an existing injury. Thus, it is essential to explore other options and see which ones fit your lifestyle and needs.

Remember, whichever you choose, the vital thing to consider is consistency. No workout becomes successful if not coupled with this main ingredient – consistency, which is a result of determination. No one loses weight without extra effort, motivation, and perseverance. Now, here’s a list of alternatives to running for losing weight.

1. Rowing

No, not using a rowing boat but using a rowing machine. Rowing is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise that aims to improve your hamstrings, quads, glutes, back, core, shoulders, and arms. With a proper training program, you can even enhance chest, abs, biceps, and triceps. It is a low-impact cardiovascular exercise that is perfect for those recovering from injury.

2. Walking Upstairs or Uphill

running up the stairs

This may sound a bit difficult, but with proper pacing, you can get the most out of it. Using the stairs or any uphill path, you can make your heart pound relevant to your cardiovascular development while toning your glutes. If you are walking upstairs or uphill high enough, you can burn as much as calories as you would have if you were running.

3. Swimming

It is an exercise that’s highly recommended by several doctors because it can resolve joint-related concerns. When your body is submerged in the water, it helps relieve the pressure in our bodies brought by gravity. Swimming definitely helps you lose weight too because workouts like aquatic aerobics and lap swimming are both calorie-shredding.

In no time, you can also tone your core, shoulders, and arms in order to have a chiselled body.  Indeed, it is one of the best alternatives to running for losing weight.

4. Cycling

Cycling is another low-impact cardiovascular exercise that’s advisable for those who just had an injury. You can absolutely lose weight through this alternative method as it is another calorie-shedding workout while forming your muscles and strengthening your core, thighs, legs, and glutes. Aside from that, cycling helps you improve your stride and speed.

5. Skipping 

skipping rope

It is a cheap cardiovascular exercise that requires you only a rope and a bit of space in your home. Skipping improves your lower body strength, especially your calves. It can also improve your endurance, speed, balance, core power, and coordination. According to studies, skipping helps you burn a maximum of 15 calories per minute, which is also dependent on your fitness level and intensity. Certainly, it is a new workout trend for losing weight other than running.

6. Elliptical Training

This workout may require you to use a gear, but it’s another great low-impact cardiovascular alternative to running. You must be able to master resistance needed to burn calories and tone certain parts of your body. In fact, you can even burn calories as much as you would have with a 10-minute mile running through medium resistance of elliptical training. 

7. Kickboxing

It is a core-centric exercise that does not only helps you burn calories, but also helps you release extreme emotions. With enormous force used in punching and kicking a bag, you can release all your tensions and pent-up emotions important for a healthy psyche. Plus, learning how to punch and kick is also essential as self-defense.

8. Hiking

Hiking is a holistic workout because it does not really feel like an exercise! It is a leisure walking because you can enjoy the view around you while burning calories. It also helps you forge camaraderie among your peers because there’s no better way to hike than being with friends and loved ones.

9. Dance Class

Regardless if you are a professional or beginner, you can definitely make use of dancing as a good alternative to running if you want to lose weight. With your body’s rhythm, you will be able to burn some calories while toning certain body parts. It is a fun and effective workout that a lot of fitness junkies are venturing into right now due to a multitude of benefits. 

10. Body-only Exercises

It is a set of exercises that do not require you any gear, just your body. It is mostly low-impact, easily scalable, and convenient. No need to enrol in gyms with hefty fees because you can perform these exercises within the comforts of your home. Some of the highly suggested body-only exercises are squats, bounding, butt kicks, high knees, plyo push-ups, power skips, burpees, and box jumps. Doing these exercises in high-intensity manner can help you improve your overall body strength.

11. Stationary Biking

If cycling is not convenient for you, you can try stationary biking. You must invest in an indoor trainer or enrol in gyms to get started with this kind of workout. You can try a 1 to 2 minute-intervals of pedalling to help you burn calories. This is another alternative workout for losing weight that lets you stay indoors.

12. Yoga

It is an uncommon alternative to running if you want to lose weight. It may not be as extreme as with other workouts, but with intense and active yoga poses, you can burn calories through yoga. In fact, it can also help you improve your metabolism and muscle tone. Mastering mindfulness is another plus if you practice yoga. 

13. Deep-water Running

It may appear challenging than a normal swimming workout, but it is a new workout trend that’s undeniably beneficial. It is another type of low-impact workout that can help you get through with chronic injuries. Deep-water running uses a floating belt or buoyancy belt that can help you manoeuvre yourself into the water. It is also considered a cross-training for runners, especially for those who have injuries.

14. Slide Boarding 

Slide boarding is an unusual alternative to running because it is not yet that common. Basically, you use a piece of equipment called a slide board. In this workout, your focus is on your lateral movements. All you have to do is “skate” or “glide” from side-to-side until you achieve the desired intensity that you need to burn calories.

15. Stability Ball Workout

In this type of workout, you will be using an exercise or fitness ball. It is actually a lot of fun to sit and bounce on, but it is more than that. Exercise ball workout helps you improve your cardiovascular endurance, balance, and overall body strength.

There are a lot of alternative workouts to choose from. All you need to do now is assess your circumstances and your needs. These suggested workouts and alternatives to running are effective as long as they are done with consistency and proper execution. You won’t go wrong with any of these if you’re planning to lose weight!







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