8 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

health benefit apple cider vinegar

Every time you visit a local restaurant where they serve fresh garden salads, the dining establishment also offers you apple cider vinegar as one of the dressings.

You must have tried this condiment and enjoyed your meal with it. Furthermore, this kind of seasoning must have piqued your interest lately. It is because this kind of vinegar has gained popularity in recent years, especially in forums about healthy eating habits and wellness.

This flavoring for food indeed has health perks, aside from giving lots of tang to your meals. First, you should understand what this seasoning is.

How Is Apple Cider Vinegar Created

The medicine-focused website WebMD described apple cider vinegar as a calorie-free seasoning. It is healthy, though diners should not consider it as a miracle cure, as per the wellness portal.

Furthermore, WebMD writers described the vinegar as mostly apple juice. However, producing it involves the process of fermentation.

You will understand that when the vinegar’s manufacturers add yeast to apple juice, the sugar in the apple cider becomes alcohol, according to wellness website VeryWell Health.

Also, the bacteria transform the alcohol into acetic acid, which is the crucial component of the vinegar. Therefore, you will notice the pungent scent and sour taste of the mixture. The vinegar also contains other substances.

They are various acids like malic, lactic, and citric.

After learning the nature of the condiment and how manufacturers make it, you may now want to understand how it can keep you healthy.

What Are the Wellness Benefits That the Vinegar Offers?

When you browse online articles about the apple cider vinegar, you will find claims that there is insufficient scientific evidence regarding the solution’s curative properties. However, in recent years, scholars have been taking a closer look at the condiment.

They have been looking at its potential advantages for the health of humans. Furthermore, people have used the vinegar as a home remedy to treat common body concerns such as varicose veins and sore throat.

Here are eight wellness benefits that the seasoning offers:

1. Foul breath can disappear quickly

You may have bad breath that makes the people around you feel inconvenienced. Furthermore, this oral health problem has made you feel embarrassed lately.

Through the help of the vinegar, you can use it as a solution to control the foul smell of your breath.

After all, the vinegar terminates the awful odor-causing bacteria. You can apply the solution to your mouth by first diluting some of it with water.

Next, drink one teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar. Also, you can rinse with it. In 2015, researchers discovered that the vinegar possesses antifungal properties as well.

Their study published in the Journal of Prosthodontics concluded that the seasoning could combat the oral mucous membrane inflammation that happens under a denture.

2. The vinegar eliminates the armpits and feet’s pungent odor

The harmful bacteria in your armpits make these parts of your body unpleasantly smelly. Furthermore, your feet smell terrible due to the same culprit. Using the vinegar can help you address these issues in your body.

For your armpits, you can spritz the weak solution lightly on cotton rags, cotton pads, or towelettes. Then, swipe the latter onto your armpits. Meanwhile, for your malodorous feet, try mixing the solution into water first.

Then, dip cotton rags, baby wipes, tiny towels, cotton pads, or cotton balls into the vinegar. Next, wring out these objects, then use one of them to wipe the bottom of your feet.

Also, you can make the wipes ahead and store them in an airtight container. You can take note that the scent of the vinegar usually disappears when the solution has dried on your feet or armpits.

The homemade deodorant may assist in balancing your skin’s pH levels. Therefore, you can keep your feet and armpits smelling terrific for long.

3. You can bid farewell to upset stomach and diarrhea

An online article published in Reader’s Digest Canada stated that apple cider vinegar could aid in resolving stomach problems. This benefit is one of the oldest use of the solution. If you have a bacterial infection or if diarrhea is inconveniencing you, thanks to the vinegar’s antibiotic benefits for they can help you get cured.

Also, the condiment reportedly has pectin, as per folk remedy experts.

When you mix one to two tablespoons of the solution into apple juice or water, you can feel a soothing relief for your intestinal spasm. Furthermore, the vinegar can eliminate your upset stomach when you sip some of it after mixing it with water.

4. The vinegar helps in the regulation of blood sugar in the body

An online article from Health.com affirmed that the regulation of blood sugar is among the promising wellness benefits of the apple cider-based condiment. Individuals of both genders and with type 2 diabetes took part in a study, with results published in Diabetes Care.

These people consumed one ounce of cheese as a snack. Also, they paired it with two tablespoons of the vinegar. Then, the researchers discovered that the study participants had lower blood sugar levels when they woke up in the morning.

The scholars compared this result to when the research participants consumed a similar bedtime snack together with two tablespoons of water.

Furthermore, a 2017 review of research published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice recommended that the heightened intake of the solution with meals could diminish fluctuations in insulin and blood sugar after eating.

5. The vinegar can aid in shedding unnecessary pounds on the body 

Supporters of the apple cider vinegar assert that the seasoning, when consumed before or together with a meal, can deliver a satiating impact.

Furthermore, 12-week research conducted in Japan involved individuals who consumed up to approximately six teaspoons or 30 milliliters of vinegar a day. The researchers found out that these people encountered a modest reduction in their body weight that amounted to one to two pounds.

Plus, they relayed that the people obtained slight drops in their visceral fat, body mass index or BMI, triglyceride levels, and waist circumference.

6. People with a sore throat can get soothing relief 

When used as gargles and drinks, the vinegar works as a time-honored throat elixir. If you are interested in concocting the basic drink recipe, mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of the vinegar.

Then, get the cayenne pepper and splash a small dash of it on the drink. Using warm water, stir the mixture in a cup. You can experience your pharyngitis or sore throat getting alleviated by consuming this refreshing drink.

7. Scalp problems like dandruff, irritation, and itchiness can fade

When scalp irritation, itchiness, and persistent flakes bother you, you can count on the vinegar to resolve this concern. You can lightly spritz the solution mixed with water onto your head. The acetic acid or acidity of the vinegar can improve the pH level of your scalp.

Hence, dandruff-causing elements will find it difficult to flourish on your head. Also, the vinegar can treat one type of eczema called seborrheic dermatitis.

If you want to address your scalp concerns with the vinegar, mix one-fourth cup of it with one-fourth cup of water in a spray bottle. Then, spray the solution on your scalp. Next, wrap your head using a bathroom towel and let your scalp sit for 15 minutes to one hour.

As usual, wash your head next. You can perform this measure twice in one week to achieve the best results.

8. Your face can become clear and pimples-free 

The vinegar works as an organic home remedy for pimples. This natural toner possesses antibacterial benefits that are capable of keeping pimples under control.

Besides, the lactic and malic acids in the vinegar can aid in reducing the red spots on your face and balancing the pH level of your skin. Thus, you can look forward to exfoliated and smoothened facial skin. To apply the vinegar to the pimples on your face, make sure that you dilute it first.

In this way, you can prevent chemical burns or skin injuries on your face. Also, you can conduct a spot test initially. You can perform this measure by trying the solution in a tiny area of your body. Hence, you can avoid skin irritation.

The vinegar can help in making your acne dry, and eventually assisting in the elimination of your facial skin concern. After learning the health perks of the vinegar, you may want to know how to use it correctly in your diet.

How Is the Vinegar Best Consumed to Obtain Health Perks?

Health experts do not recommend drinking the vinegar straight. It is because the undiluted shots can wear away the enamel of your teeth.

Plus, your esophagus can get damaged. Consuming too much of the vinegar can also decrease the potassium levels in your body.

Therefore, you can best enjoy the vinegar by merely adding a splash of it to vinaigrettes, salads, marinades, and sauces, as per VeryWell Health. Also, you can incorporate the condiment to your meals by making it the primary ingredient in a salad dressing or chilled vegetable dishes such as vinegar-based coleslaw.

Finally, you can consume the vinegar best by swirling one teaspoon of organic honey and two teaspoons of the apple cider-based condiment into a cup of water once in a day.

It pays to stay informed regarding the wellness advantages that apple cider vinegar gives to the human body. Hence, you should always read the research results of professional healthcare researchers’ studies that are available online regarding this seasoning.

In this manner, you will become well-informed on how you can be in the best of health through the aid of the vinegar.






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