7 Ways to Keep Your Health in Check During the Holiday Season

how to keep healthy during holiday season

β€œIt’s the season to be jolly fa la la la la, la la la la!”

It’s the holiday season once more, and a lot of temptations will surround you. Parties here and there – from company celebrations, department Christmas parties, high school friend’s celebration, and so much more. There’s no wonder; they call the holiday season as the fattening season.

With bonuses given out and money at your disposal, there’s no stopping you from enjoying the joys of the season. They say regrets come at the end, so when everything has subsided, you are left with a few more kilos registering in your weighing scale.

And so, people flock in the gym to shed that holiday weight off or as part of their never really fulfilled New Year’s Resolution.

Well, did you know that you can enjoy the holiday season without gaining additional pounds? If you don’t want to regret in the end, follow these seven tips:

1. Plan

With all the scheduled Christmas Parties, we’re you already know which days will be your cheat days. You’ll already know where to eat and will have an idea what kind of food will be served.

With this information at hand, try planning ahead. If you know that you will have your company party tonight, then try to eat light for your breakfast or lunch. This will help you regulate your calorie intake per day.

2. Do not overindulge

We know you’ve worked hard for the year, and you want to reward yourself this holiday season. The holiday is also a time when you receive your bonuses, so you’ll have money at your disposal. You can now afford the food that you’ve always resisted but wanted to try. You can even tell yourself that you only get together with your friends during this time, and this meet up deserves good food.

But you don’t have to do it every day for the whole season. Try to schedule your get-togethers and leave some gaps in between them.

Try a portion of what you want, and since it’s the season for sharing, then try sharing it with your friends.

3. Focus on making connections and not just on food.

You haven’t seen some of your friends for a long time, and you only meet each other because of the season. Then, to divert your focus on the food, you can focus more on reconnecting with them.

If your client invites you to their company Christmas parties, then you can also work on building more business relationships with them.

If you are at your own party, then you can walk around and try to bond with other departments.

For parties like this, remember that food will not run out. It is more valuable to create those connections.

4. Eat before the party.

Just because you know there will be a lot of food doesn’t mean you’re going to starve yourself before the party. This will result in you eating a whole lot more, which is not good for your waist.

We understand you’re going to a party, and a lot of food will be served there, but if you don’t want to gain the holiday weight, then try eating some snacks first. This can help you with your hunger and can help you control the amount of food intake.

Also, you cannot control the time that the food will be served. Most celebrations still have a program, and food can be served late. If you’re already hungry before you go to the party, there are higher chances you will be ‘hangy’.

5. Size matters

You can eat in small portions. Size does matter, especially if your parties and eat-outs will be frequent.

You can do the visual method for you to know that you’re just getting the right portions. Half of your plate must be filled with vegetables, one fourth must be of protein, and the remaining one fourth must be for starch.

Protein-rich foods include fish, chicken, and lean meat. Rice is one of your favorite starch.

As for your dessert, we know there will be a lot of choices. You can get a little of each.

Also, you can limit your drinks to just a regular size glass.

6. Don’t diet

It is quite impossible to go on a diet during the holiday season. The more you restrict yourself, the more chances that you will overindulge when you get the chance.

Starting a diet during the holiday season is not a good idea. You can keep your goal to the minimum – maintain your weight.

Learn to enjoy, but keep in mind that too much of everything is not good.

7. Continue to exercise

The holiday season is not an excuse for you to stop doing exercise. Despite the left and right parties and gatherings you will attend, try to squeeze in some time for a gym session or some walking.

You can try some interest-based exercise, like yoga or swimming. Exercise doesn’t just keep you in shape; it can help you destress and improve your mental well-being.

Exercise during the holiday season does not just help you burn the carbs you intake; it will also give you some allowance to eat a little bit more.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is one of the most-awaited seasons of the year. It’s a time where you gather around your family and friends and enjoy a hearty meal. There is an abundance of food, and the environment is generally festive.

However, it should not be a reason to keep your guards down with your diet. There are cases when people overeat and don’t make it through the end of the season. Some cannot shed the weight after all the celebrations.

It pays to be happy but always in moderation. If you want to be healthy all throughout the year, then don’t make the holiday season an excuse for overindulging in the festivities.

This coming holiday season, we hope that you’ll have a guilt-free enjoyment so you won’t have to regret it when all the festivities start to wear off.

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