7 Simple Tips To Reduce Your Blood Pressure

food to reduce blood pressure

Having a range of blood pressure is normal. The heart will need it to pump blood to the rest of your body so that every cell receives the oxygen it requires and removes carbon dioxide and other wastes.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is among the rising conditions that are gaining increasing territory, thanks to the prevalence of sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits. In fact, it is among the leading causes of death in the world today, through the development of stroke and heart disease. In 2014 for instance, it was the death cause for more than 400,000 Americans alone.

In the event that you receive a diagnosis from your doctor that you have high blood pressure, it does not need to be a death sentence for you. You can still bring it down in several ways, with the most important methods involving your lifestyle habits, not just medication. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Shed Those Pounds

You have heard so many things about exercise, and the truth will always remain. It is among the most effective ways of dealing with high blood pressure. In fact, research from Mayo Clinic reveals that any physical activity will make the heart stronger, and it will pump the blood with less effort, which will reduce the pressure in your arteries.

You do not need to pay so much money for a gym membership though it can be a seemingly small thing like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to your work destination instead of driving there.

Read Your Food Labels

You might be assuming that all the food you get from the supermarket is healthy, especially the ones that are marketed as so. However, the truth is very different and that leads to numerous people taking in too much sodium and it is not surprising to see increasing cases of high blood pressure as the result.

In fact, research reveals that most fried and canned foods you get, for instance, will contain three times as much sodium as the daily amount you should be consuming. It is actually very hard to regulate the sodium you are eating, unless you prepare your own meals and not eat out as often. Sodium has negative effects on your kidneys when its amounts are too high. It places stress on them, as well as the arteries, in addition to impacting your vascular reactivity negatively.

Reduce Your Stress Level

We live in a fast-paced world, and that leads to very high-stress levels especially when you are constantly trying to meet deadlines, submit assignments, get good grades (if you are studying), and so on.

Stress is bad for you, especially in the long term, because it causes your heart rate to increase. Your blood pressure also increases because you are breathing faster. It is like the body is preparing for a flight-or-fight response. It is important to take note of these stressors, and work on removing them for better health.

Cut Down On The Booze

Alcohol may look like a stress reliever because of the perception is that of relaxation and a nice feeling at the time. However, high amounts of alcohol are ultimately dangerous, and even increase your blood pressure, contrary to what you may think.

Studies show that people who drink more than 5 drinks in one day will actually have a greater chance of experiencing more issues with their health in the long term.

It also increases the chances of stroke and heart disease, so it is best to regulate it as much as possible. A maximum of 1 glass for a woman, and 2 glasses for a man. These quantities will reduce the blood pressure by 4mmHg, but this effect diminishes the more alcohol you drink.

Practising Meditation 

Meditation is a way you can use to beat stress, as it helps you stay mentally alert and focused. It does this through deep breathing techniques, which help to restore your inner peace and make you calmer even in the face of life’s distractions. In turn, this will help to reduce your blood pressure.

Drink More Tea

There are numerous studies that are revealing the importance of tea in maintaining health and reducing stress, especially oolong and green teas. Even drinking half a cup might seem small, but it can reduce the risks of high blood pressure by as much as 50%, especially when you drink it every day.

Quit Smoking

Cigarettes are not just bad for your lungs, they also present a threat to your circulatory system. Even one cigarette will increase your blood pressure for a long while after your smoking session. Therefore, stopping it entirely is the key to improving your health, by reducing the risk of heart disease.


Reducing your blood pressure is vital to sustaining your health for a long time, and these tips will help you to do so even if you are not taking medication for it.

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